Main Quest: It’s Time For An Adventure

Since birth, I have lived in the same city. Logically, I should travel to the other side of the planet and try something a little different. So I am moving to Japan.

I don’t mind my current life. In fact, my life is quite enjoyable. I have a good job, and friends that make the weekend fun. I am in a position to do most anything I want. But an urge for change has pushed me to follow through and take a big swing at life.

The reason for choosing Japan specifically is a simple affair. When I was younger, anime in the United States was at its height in popularity. I watched a lot of shows (and still do), which led to an interest in Japanese pop culture. Combined with Japan’s knack for creating enthralling video games, the country oozed coolness. Some time passed, and Japan ended up being the first foreign country I ever visited. Bonus fact: it was the first time I ever traveled by commercial airline, too. That trip left a big impression on me. The places I visited and the culture I experienced left me craving more. By my second trip to Japan, I knew that I wanted to live there for however long I could manage.

So here is the plan. Upon arrival, I will start at a well-regarded Japanese language school. With sheer will power and some cash, I intend to study intensive academic Japanese for at least one year. After enjoying student life once again, the goal is to find to work at a software/web development company. I am a software developer after all.

During this little adventure, I hope to experience more of what Japan has to offer and step outside my comfort zone a little. Let’s get started, shall we?