Thomas Tuttle

Who Are You?

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, I studied computer science at the University of North Florida. After graduating, I created enterprise solutions at EverBank, a financial services company. Then one day my wife and I decided that it might be fun to live in Japan. So we packed away our things, hopped on a flight to Japan, and enrolled in a Japanese language school for a year. I was an intern for a short while at the startup Justa.io, then I took over web development initiatives at Culture Japan. I also run this blog and work on side projects that I find interesting.

Why Japan?

It started with Toonami and [adult swim]. After two trips to Japan, it became a romanticized dream of stepping outside of the western hemisphere and living on these islands in the Pacific. But after living here for a while, it’s more about this, this, and this.


Madelynn Tuttle

Who Are You?

I am a web designer and front-end developer from Jacksonville, Florida, currently based in beautiful Japan. I graduated with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts from the University of North Florida. Before moving to Japan, I created custom web design solutions at Brown Dog Creative, a web design and development company that unleashes your brand online. Now I’m challenging myself as a full-time preschool teacher. Of course, there’s always time for design, so I freelance on the weekends.

Really Now. Who Are You?

Since you asked, who I really am is a cat-loving, TV drama-watching homebody. I like to go out and explore, but I am no party animal. I love to know the details of any given situation and I ask a lot of questions—much like my preschool students! I also use a lot of exclamation points. Since I am a full-time wife and teacher,  I will only be a part-time contributor for this blog so please enjoy my ramblings!